Thursday, 16 February 2012

Our blog is finally here!! after much ummming and aahing we decided that the world is ready for our craft, vintage and I Heart Art chat. Be warned I have a tendency to waffle and disappear into weird and wonderful craft tangents. But stick with us and I promise I will have loads of craft secrets and tutorials to share as well as unload our studio's extreme highs and lows with you.

I suppose I should introduce myself and the ball and chain - Mitchell. We are the co-owners of I Heart Art, an arty crafty studio, workshop, hub type thingy in Aberdeen, Scotland. The studio is run mainly by myself, Janet. Mitchell is the purse, tea-boy, DJ, craft dabbler and generally keeps my feet on the ground otherwise I will have us knitting snoods and crocheting doilies all day long. By day we run drop-in paint and craft sessions and by night we teach craft classes as well as keeping our fingers in many other pies. Which is why this blog is called I Heart and Beyond. I want to show you the world beyond I Heart Art where we are more than a ceramic paint studio, we love vintage, upcycling, fashion and of course art and crafts so we want to share with you our many other passions. I love nothing more than having a rake at a car booter buying a basket of junk oops I mean treasure for a £1 and making something beautiful out of it. I cant wait to start sharing this side of I heart with you. From this point onwards my digital camera will be my friend as I tip toe into the blogging world. So welcome to our world where we like eat, knit, sew and fantasise about "the good life" whilst bombing round town in vintage fur. ENJOY!!


  1. Aaw well done Janet and a great philosophy for life...look forward to lots more posts and vintage finds!!
    Love Kirsti xx

  2. Thanks kirsti!! im actually quite looking forward to writing this and i keep thinking of different entries im going to make!

  3. Janet, just found your website today and very interested in 'dropping in' to your studio sometime to have a look round and a chat. Looking forward to you disappearing into more weird and wonderful craft tangents!