Monday, 25 March 2013

its spring - really?!

Looking out the window you would be forgiven for thinking it was deepest winter time with the icy roads and yucky slushy snow. Don't get me wrong i love snow but its not the powdery crunchy stuff, only soggy wet stuff that gives me chillblains and not to mention its MARCH!!

March time is supposed to mean lighter nights, shedding of winter woolies and creme eggs! oh well global warming is having its moment. but time ticks on and so I have been planning the easter window despite the yucky weather. Remember the knitting challenge?? i had an abundance of chicks knitted from the wooly scraps and i am so so pleased with how they turned out - so cute!!! 

Knitted chicks and hens

My busy hands have also been making a few other bits and bobbies for the window - a spring time crochet garland as influenced by last month's mollie makes magazine, daffodils using the pattern from attic24 and a ripply ripple blanket in shades of green. trust me it will all come together! I think I will finish this window this week to show you keen beans.