Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Candy Belle Vintiques is on the horizon

So in my spare time, not that I have much of it I have been liasing with the girls of CushieDoo Vintage and created CandyBelle Vintiques. Our aim was to bring some vintage fun to this neglected area of Scotland and also to put our own businesses out there. So our first fair is finally upon us this Saturday 28th April and I am getting nervous flutters in my belly. Will it be busy?? Will I cope?? Will I sell anything??  We seem to have a good buzz around the fair on the social network sphere so here's hoping. I guess time will tell but in the meantime I can share what we have been getting up to during our prep and my vintage finds I am finally psyched myself up to part with.

1930's Singer Sewing machine with Bentwood lid

80's handbags

50's Kelly Bag

tins for crafty bits and bobs

purses, crocheted tea cosy and 60's camera

vintage polaroids and cameras

As it's a vintage fair I have been crocheting a storm and made some granny square handwarmers and upcycled bottle tops.

For the granny squares I made a mini "pillow and filled with rice and lentils and machine sewed to close then joined two granny squares together and popped the pillow inside and crocheted to close. 

mini pillow filled with rice and lentils
pastel shades for the granny squares
one done - 20 more to go!!

Events Galore

I have been quiet I know but that is because i am crazy getting ready for my summer events. First up is the Candy Belle Vintiques Fair this Saturday 28th April. 

Then we have The Big Beach Ball on the 5th May

Then some VSA fundraisers over the summer

Will be taking a selection of vintage goodies and crafty makes to all of these so have been busy busy busy crocheting, sewing, labeling and its not finished yet!! so having a morning off to do some blogging.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Fabric Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial

my first crafty tutorial, even though it is now Springtime and today is in fact Good Friday we still saw a touch of snow earlier in the week! Which means that these handwarmers are essential during a scottish summer!

First choose your fabrics, you dont need alot and you need to make sure your fabric is not the flimsy type so i choose a mixture of tweeds and tartans and also some pastelly cottons.

next fold your fabric in half and using a heart template draw around it in pencil or chalk and cut it out. You will be able to find free heart templates on this site - heart template. I used the biggest heart for my ones.

Embroider words using chain stitch - I opted to for BRRR!! or LOVE. Attach vintage buttons on the front of the other ones. These will be going into the microwave make sure you don't choose metal buttons!!

With right sides facing sew around the hearts with a running stitch

Turn inside out and fill with rice or lentils. I infused my rice with some smelly essential oils first to give these hearts  a luscious scent. Before you fill you may want to to give your hearts a press to give it a more rounded heart shape.

Finally close with a invisible ladder stitch ... i found this diagram useful - ladder stitch. And voila you have some cute handwarmers to keep those digits cosy! Microwave these cuties for 30 secs.