Thursday, 28 February 2013

Marketing Road Trip - week 2

The sun finally took its hat off for a wee while this week and I took the opportunity to visit the Elgin/Lossie area as some of my handcrafted goodies are being sold in The Tee Shack in Lossie. Excited!! Fingers crossed the good people up north like my wares!

The Tee Shack is a cosy cafe attached to the Cove Sea Links Golf course, stunning views, homebakes and hearty soups makes this a must visit destination if you are ever in the area. Even if your not a fan of golf its worth a visit as I am informed by the lovely Angela who runs the cafe that the area has a microclimate and they always seem to have nicer weather than the rest of the country. Even if its a dreich miserable day in Aberdeen the weather in Lossie and surrounding is always a few degrees warmer and the sun likes to come and play a bit more often. I was lucky enough to catch such a day, absolutely stunning views - judge it for yourself!

Gorgeous view from Kingston