Thursday, 16 June 2016

Blanket Obssession - Part 2

Once I was home from honeymoon I was itching to do some multi-coloured blankets, knitting with one colour can be a bit boring you know, so even though blanket no.1 hadn't been finished its a nice easy one to do on the move. So that one gets taken all round the town while my next creation is a sit at home and concentrate number.

I've been a little bit taken with some crochet-a-long blankets and stitch samplers blankets on Pinterest. So internet once again gets trawled and I find this pattern on ravelry by Janine Holmes for Let's Get Crafting magazine.

Next - colours!! I love this part, my mind goes into overdrive fantasizing about the finished product (what a nerd!!) So I settled on these pastelly brights (is there such a thing?) with white as a base. In hindsight I think these colours are a bit too bright for me but they still work great together and still look fab. I think I'd like to do another one with same colours but a shade or two paler. I used a combination of Stylecraft and random double knit yarns from my stash.

This one worked out alot lot quicker than the popcorn blanket and colours looked fantastic together. Am quite pleased!!

Not the best pattern, there is a bit of phaff and wordiness regarding the start and finish of each row which resulted in a bit of wonkyness at the ends. Which did demotivate me a little - I ended up just getting the jist of what the row should be and using my own knowledge to straighten the sides up. But the border seems to have straightened it up a bit more.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Blanket Obsession - part 1

Most ladies when expecting might feel a sudden nesting urge to clean and declutter, it appears my nesting seems to consist of crochet and knitted blanket mania!!

I started this one while on honeymoon at the start of the year, I needed a nice easy no brainer knitting pattern. Believe it or not it's hard juggling a pattern with multiple balls of wool at 30,000ft!! I also wanted one that wasn't boring either and had a bit of texture - fussy or what! It took me a while to find the perfect pattern, but I came across this one with a cute popcorn stitch.

I had a ton of this silvery metallic Patons yarn bought for the bargainous price of £10 for 10 balls from hobbycraft many moons ago, now I finally have a big project that might use up all 10 balls. It has a lovely a neutral metallic silver colour - perfect. I am ready to go!!

Here's me knitting on the go in Disneyland - waiting waiting waiting for hubby while he's on some rides. It was a bit pants to have to sit out most all the rides but I didn't really mind so long as there was sun and knitting!

It's maybe taken 4 months but it's finished!!