Friday, 10 June 2016

Blanket Obsession - part 1

Most ladies when expecting might feel a sudden nesting urge to clean and declutter, it appears my nesting seems to consist of crochet and knitted blanket mania!!

I started this one while on honeymoon at the start of the year, I needed a nice easy no brainer knitting pattern. Believe it or not it's hard juggling a pattern with multiple balls of wool at 30,000ft!! I also wanted one that wasn't boring either and had a bit of texture - fussy or what! It took me a while to find the perfect pattern, but I came across this one with a cute popcorn stitch.

I had a ton of this silvery metallic Patons yarn bought for the bargainous price of £10 for 10 balls from hobbycraft many moons ago, now I finally have a big project that might use up all 10 balls. It has a lovely a neutral metallic silver colour - perfect. I am ready to go!!

Here's me knitting on the go in Disneyland - waiting waiting waiting for hubby while he's on some rides. It was a bit pants to have to sit out most all the rides but I didn't really mind so long as there was sun and knitting!

It's maybe taken 4 months but it's finished!!

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