Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Knitting Challenge - a continuation

well tis been a month since i began my knitting challenge and i am only a third of the way out the bag but i been busy making these ... 

pastel shades knitted stockings

The pattern for these super cute knitted stockings can be found  here

Also been making these ...

knitted christmas puds

The christmas puds have been a combinations of 2 different patterns but am working on a crochet version which is far faster to work up! If and when I have time i think i may write up the pattern for sale on etsy but definately a next year project for now.

Next up, i think i'll make a granny square tea cosy from these autumny colours but mind you i have been requested to knit a toddler yoda hat for crimbo (would it be cheating to add on those missed days to the other side of christmas??)

Pattern for the granny square cosy can be found in this vintage Patons knitting/crochet booklet with loads of kitschy vintage patterns. I have 3 of this booklets which i may put up onto my vintage shop whenever i get back into the filing cabinet which is now wedged in a cupboard with no room for the drawers to swing out!

This is the granny square cosy, I quite fancy those bobble egg cosys too! so cute!! but i may wait until december to make those with the remaining yarn as i can do lots of bright spring colours in time for next years easter - haha so organised!! (NOT)