Monday, 11 July 2016

Blanket Obsession - Part 3

In a bid for the world's cosiest baby I started my 3rd blanket!! This time I made a few samples before starting, normally I wouldn't do this as I thought it would be a waste of time. BUT since I kept getting annoyed with myself and not liking my colour choices halfway through but had committed already so had to finish so this time I bit the bullet and made a ton of colourway samples.

A couple of contenders came out on top - loving the white/teal/aqua/ combo and the white/grey/pink/mint combo.

This blanket was a small part of the stitch sampler blanket, which I blogged about previously here. But below is a quickie pattern on what I did for this one:

DC = Double Crochet
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
HDC = Half Double Crochet

Chain 121

Row 1 - skip 1st ch, dc in each ch.
Row 2 - Ch 1, skip 1st ch, *dc in next st, ch 1, miss 1 st* Repeat from * till end of row
Row 3 - Ch2 (counts as 1st HDC), HDC in same st, *2 HDC in ch1 space* Repeat from * to end.
Row 4 - Ch1, DC in between HDC cluster from row below (see pic above) Repeat from * to end

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until you reach length required. For the border I just did DC in white all the way around for about 5/6 rows.

And here is the completed blankie - love this one and I think I'll do a few more with different colour combos.