Wednesday, 24 October 2012

knitting challenge

As an avid car booter I have amassed quite the collection of crafty type materials to the point where wool is now coming out of my ears (dont even talk to me about fabric!). However on my last car boot expedition I came across a nice lady with just as much wool as me for the princely sum of £1 a bag. I was torn ... but I have so much wool ... but it's so cheap!! my dithering lasted 3 nanoseconds before i said "yes sir yes sir three bags full" so off home I scuttled smug as anything with my bag bursting with newness (to me).

Now ive decided to set myself the challenge of finishing this bag before xmas, Ive had it for a few weeks now and knitted tons of mini-stockings but what else to do? Ive only 2 months left (ps im including the xmas break so technically ive gave myself till hogmanay - cheating slightly)

Will be updating my progress ...

scrappy wool bundle that I must knit through!!!!

Monday, 22 October 2012

A new hidden treasure

The constant packing and unpacking and loading and unloading is beginning to take its toll - I have taken to burying my head under the duvet with my knitting to escape from the cardboard city that has become my Living Room and Kitchen. 

However this weekend there was a small window of opportunity in which to escape and have a nice sunday drive as it was a super gorgeous day, the kind of autumn sunshiny day with crispy fresh air and snappy twigs under your feet. lush.

who can resist sunday retro tunes and sunshiny road conditions - perfect

Our drive took us to a new vintage treasure nestled in the scottish countryside just outside of Inverurie in Lethenty Mill. Here lies Nina's Apartment , a fresh and modern take on vintage and upcycling, the kind of shop we are seriously deprived of up here in the sticks. I just love Nina's mix of mid-century homewares and scandinavian influenced fabrics. Piles of patchwork and doily cushions are stacked with retro granny square throws. My favorite part was the outdoor cosy corner she had set up for her opening day. A mismash of recovered G-plan chairs, cosy throws and antique trunks which just works in the rural setting.

Nina's apartment is open by appointment and you can get in touch by email

vintage tins - extremely bargainous at £4 each!!

Look out for the Nina's Apartment sign

a fabric stack that makes me drool a little

cosy crochet and patchwork homewares

mismash retro outdoor seating that just works

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

shiny new shop!!

welcome welcome - today I am super chuffed to show you photos of the new shop which opened with a shebang on Saturday past (13th October 2012) but more about that laters. Am rather pleased with how its all came together, I was worried initially about the space and whether I would fit my piles and piles of fabrics, threads, buttons but with some clever storage solutions I think ive nailed it! what do you think?

our lovely new bright and airy new shoppy

Gift Shop Area 
Ceramics for painting

Ive also decided to make an effort to give the studio a more vintage twist so gone are the takeaway tubs for all the bits and bobs. Instead everything is in sweetie jars with brown paper typewritten labels tied on with some vintage lace - tres jolie me thinks.