Wednesday, 24 October 2012

knitting challenge

As an avid car booter I have amassed quite the collection of crafty type materials to the point where wool is now coming out of my ears (dont even talk to me about fabric!). However on my last car boot expedition I came across a nice lady with just as much wool as me for the princely sum of £1 a bag. I was torn ... but I have so much wool ... but it's so cheap!! my dithering lasted 3 nanoseconds before i said "yes sir yes sir three bags full" so off home I scuttled smug as anything with my bag bursting with newness (to me).

Now ive decided to set myself the challenge of finishing this bag before xmas, Ive had it for a few weeks now and knitted tons of mini-stockings but what else to do? Ive only 2 months left (ps im including the xmas break so technically ive gave myself till hogmanay - cheating slightly)

Will be updating my progress ...

scrappy wool bundle that I must knit through!!!!


  1. Have you tried hexipuffs? The pattern is "The Beekeeper's Quilt" on Ravelry, but people have made all sorts of other things like cushions, rugs, etc, using the basic pattern. Perfect for scrap yarn! :)

    1. no but i have seen it and i do love it! but its in the round?? i hate knitting in the round and i think you have to buy the pattern?? im so cheap i normally keep searching till i find a freebie!!