Friday, 9 March 2012

Vintiquing All The Way Home

Since we were on a rare road trip we took the opportunity to partake in my favourite activity - vintage shopping!! Today's post is all about vintage let downs and weird finds.

Glasgow is a great place for shopping vintage, loads of indies tucked away in the west end and in merchant city and half the fun is discovering these gems on foot.

Not so well known and totally off the beaten track is Saratoga Trunk, quite literally a warehouse packed to the rafters with vintage fashion dating from the 20's to the 80's.

I first visited this many many years ago, a daunting experience with the taxi dropping us off down a dark, gloomy part of town and and a big steel door with a handwritten note on the outside to ring the bell. Quite intimidating but once inside we were rewarded by the sheer volume of vintage - rails and rails of dresses, tops, fur coats, miltary jackets from WW2, not to mention the shelves upon shelves of fabrics and curtains. The experience was truly amazing and the owners were so friendly and helpful. However ...

Who would've thought a Vintage shop lurks here
After our great first time experience I was really looking forward to visiting again but my second time was not so fun ... The guy was really stand-offish and followed us everywhere. Maybe he thought I was going to stuff some Victorian bloomers down my top and run off into the sunset. He even stood and and watched when trying on clothes!! The prices this time were also crazy inflated, I wanted a small teeny tiny bag of clear buttons, but guess how much?? £2? £5? £10? nope nope nope, he wanted £45!!!!!!! Ok maybe some of them were Art Deco glass buttons from the 30's but even if those were taken out it should never be that much. Then I found one half of a pair of retro curtains - retro 70's orange and yellow floral print, £45!! Needless to say everything got put back gently and we made a sharp exit. Which is a huge shame as I was really looking forward to going, mega dissappointed.

Not all was lost, we were informed about another store in Merchant City called Mister Ben, very retro and based on the cartoon. This store had a good collection of clothes, millions of bags and accessories. Prices were very reasonable as well, you would definitely find a bargain in there. I ended up with a 70's snakeskin shoulder bag for £10, so one happy customer.

Weird Find of the Day - retro washing powder
Day 2 of vintage hunting had us heading back north to Aberdeen via Perth, Dundee, Brechin and Montrose, stopping off on all those little towns just to visit the charity shops. I think we must've visited about 30 charity shops in one day! That is some hardcore treasure hunting, my legs felt like they were going to fall off after all the walking! Poor Mitchell had to drive the whole way as well as get dragged around the shops.

Weirdest find had to be the retro washing powder still intact in the box, I don't think I'll be using this to handwash my delicates! Before you think I'm crazy for buying these even though I have no intention of using the powder, I think they would add a nice touch to a retro style kitchen or bathroom.

Best find had to be the button box filled to the brim, lots and lots to be added to the collection. Crafters, I never buy expensive buttons so now you know how I amassed such a big button collection (the button box at I Heart Art is always admired)

Favorite Find - button box

 Retro Blackcurrant Cheesecake dish - yum
Retro BBQ Pork Chops dish - determined to collect them all

I'm sure many people will recognise these retro dishes, every house in the 80's must've had these along with the kelloggs bowls. Were these a collect the stamps from petrol station thing?? Maybe someone could shed the light! Anyway I'm determined to collect them all and as time has gone one I'm finding that there was ALOT of different recipes, spanish omlette was the one in our house! My favourite thing about them is the recipe printed on them, I wonder if anyone has tried them?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Winning Awards Should be Compulsory

Our award winning high is slowly dwindling but what a fantastic week, I feel every business should win awards to get that buzz. Totally addicted and determined to win more!!

Last Wednesday, myself and Mitchell gave ourselves our first "holiday" in 2 years since starting this entrepreneur roller coaster ride. We went to pick up an award from the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust and BT Scotland. Which award we had won was shrouded in mystery until the prize giving ceremony in Glasgow. So off we popped bright and early in our teeny tiny city car, hurtling along with sat nav biatch telling us country bumpkins which junction to turn off.

The ceremony was taking place at Brazen studios in the lovely merchant city area and we were finally presented with ..... *drumroll* ..... Most Environmentally Responsible Business!!! wowzers was not expecting that one, but we do an awful lot with upcycling and teaching people to re-use materials in our craft classes so we're chuffed as we really want to grow that side of the business and this award helps with that profile.

Us with our award...

It was also lovely to have Neil and Cora join us on the big day and I must say we all look rather spiffing (if i don't say so myself!)

photography by Malcolm Cochrane