Friday, 22 April 2016

Hello Again

Hang on while I just dust the cobwebs off this blog - OMG, it has been a super long time. In that year and a bit loads and loads have happened!! We got married for one - yay!! and now we have a baby on the way - yay!!!

So you must be thinking crazy woman you'll be busier than ever but I feel I am ready to start blogging again and I'm hopeful that maternity leave will grant me oodles of time to indulge in nesting activities. Aye right sniggers the other mums, wait till the reality hits and the baby won't stop crying. But I am optimistic, I will do my best to make sure that I still have a life even if I am in a sleep deprived bubble for 6 months.

Classes have once again started for the year and they are going well, we now do them in the crafty cabin, which I don't think has been shared on the blog but if you follow me on instagram @boboliddell you will find loads more updates on our crafty adventures. But plenty and plenty of time to fill you in on what's been happening but for now heres some pics from the past year of what I've been making.

Crafty Makes

Christmas Makes

Wedding Makes

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