Tuesday, 1 May 2012

no rest for the wicked

So how did Candy Belle go?? aaaahhh mazing!!! it was super busy from the word go and I sold tons of lovely stuff so am a very satisfied and happy bunny. I was sad to see some things go ... the cantilever sewing box, the 30's singer, and my treasured tins. but hey I cant keep everything so its time someone enjoys them.

It is now Tuesday after and I am still recovering, having been up at 6am and in the hotel early doors setting up and decorating and running on half a tuna sanwich and diet coke. But it was all worth it, if for nothing else but to give me reason to buy more vintage. Its becoming a disease as my friend keeps telling me, she is thinking of shipping me off to one of those obssessive compulsive hoarders programmes! I mean how bad can it be?? I was willing to sell 4 of my sewing machines out of the 9 I have.

This fair may be over for now but there is no rest for me as this weekend is the Big Beach Ball down on Aberdeen's gorgeous coastline in their Beach Ballroom. so im still in vintage mode and in much need of re-stocking = more shopping and jumble sales <3

The calm before the storm and please excuse the sainsbury bag - FAIL!!

goodbye sewing box and princess di and charles - it was fun for a while!

bags - my weakness

Mitchell's grandad's suitcases got alot of attention but those I cannot part with

typewriters went down a storm and were both sold!

Some of the other stalls had some gorgeous gorgeous things, lucky for me it was pretty busy all day so didn't get much of a chance to do any shopping, or eating or sitting. I was pretty much running on adrenaline all day. But I did manage to 
get some photos to share.

Cushions made from retro fabrics and sleek schreiber units from cushie doo vintage. I love their retro styling and I would've liked some of those tins for my craft room.

Another favourite was Nina's Apartment with homewares, kitchenalia and other bits and bobs. I especially loved the vintage signs and cushions with doilies. Great idea and so so pretty.

Hanging hearts from Storm in a Vintage Teacup. They are done in a shabby chic style.

Shoes from The Closet. An all time favourite vintage haunt of mines in Aberdeen. 

Homewares from Flourish on Union Grove.

Clothing from Wardrobe Foxes, a relatively new discovery but had some amazing pieces including a 80's novelty road block jumper which i sadly didn't get a picture of.

Finally I end with a picture of the happy shoppers and this was taken at 10.30ish so not bad turn out at all. 

Roll on the next fair!!

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  1. Hey you did good....in fact you did fantastic....loved it even though I was feeling crap for the first wee while I soon perked up!!!

    Kirsti xx