Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Treasure Hunting takes over

With another CandyBelle event on the horizon my treasure hunting has once again been met with some gusto to the point where I was getting an eensy teensy bit annoyed with the ten tonnes of rubbish treasure in the vintage room, so I had a good gut out. Things I didn't need were packed away into the trunks, purses back with purses, scarves with scarves and so on. Being an ex Visual Merchandiser I totally get that things need to be shoppable, clean and tidy but alas with the best of intentions I am back to square one after a bumper weekend of finds. I am tentatively showing y'all the vintage room, its a tad messy (to say the least) but those after my own heart should find it irresistible. Some might even call it an Aladdins cave or a hidden treasure with its drawers to rifle through and boxes on top of boxes of goodies, oh i'm drooling at the thought!

mess or aladdins cave?
sewing stuff - check out the mum and its baby singer!!

handbags and purses

one of my favourite chairs

love old sewing patterns purely for the illustrations

So you may be thinking it don't look so bad, ive edited out the worst bits! the mountain of boxes, tins and baskets on the table and the many many carrier bags on the floor, some are asda some are iceland - i didnt say i was classy! But it's what's inside that counts as you can see this one is full of lush leather purses.

I was also very lucky this weekend to have received some lovely things from my friend's granny, very very much appreciate this and I got rather excited delving into the bag of treasures and I was not dissappointed, some luvverly tins and lots of crochet threads and the like. Now I have to think of some crafty projects so they don't go to waste.

Lot's of lovely tins with crafty stuff inside

What's inside this one?

lots of crochet threads in fabby condition - what to make with these?

This is my favourite - embroidery threads, i don't think i can have enough .

it's an illness having so much stuff?? och well, its for my "business" and I do manage to list things on my etsy shop, which is doing ok at the moment. I say ok, ive had a few sales in July compared with 1 every 3 months so that's an improvement. It must be my new rejuvenised photography and I have been quite strict with myself and listing items at least every week so it all pays off in the end.

One day I will have a mahoosive house with a big airy garage with shelves!! and rails!! so everything can be organised and put away with easy access - oh how does one dream! in the meantime I shall have to do with my plastic bags and rickety rail for the now :(

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