Monday, 3 September 2012

Candy Belle Pops up and goes away again

So things have been a tad quiet due to the crazy amount of events we had in august, we had the Aberdeen Art Fair firstly. Then last week I had my vintage hat on as alter ego Candy Belle Vintiques had her first Pop-up shop.  Things were hectic as usual and headless chicken doesn't even begin to describe me and my emotions. Screaming matches were a daily occurence with my long-suffering but cherished partner. I love you really!! despite wanting to gouge your eyes out when you didn't do as you were told.

For the month of august it was an endless parade of ironing, hand-washing delicate vintage dresses, cleaning tea-sets, and typing up labels. Not to mention all the crafty stuff I wanted to use as display, sewing vintage fabrics onto embroidery hoops, mustaches for the photo booth plus much much more I didn't get round to. Thank the lord my trusty friends were there for me. and thank god they put up with me and I am eternally grateful to everyone that put in their tuppence worth. Finally its done and dusted so I can relax again or so I believe but an entrepreneurs work is never done! I am on to the next Candy Belle Event which will be on the 3rd of November in the Caledonian Thistle Hotel on Union Terrace so save the date!!

Some photos of the pop-up shop including retro hedgehog and groovy living room, plus my embroidery hoop display with vintage fabrics.

Our vintage photobooth also made its debut on our launch night, they look pretty darn good if I don't say so myself!!

the lovely camilla who very generously helped make the mustaches amongst many other things!

the kind and thoughtful Laura who came to support on Friday and spent a small fortune!! (err no tony she only  bought a £5 scarf that's all)


  1. Looks like all your hard work paid off Janet..gutted I missed it but will try to come to the next one..xx

    1. next time kirsti! pencil the 3rd november in your diary!!