Thursday, 27 September 2012

We are moving!!

I cannot beleive that its almost been 2 years that I have embarked on this rollercoster journey of self-employment. But it has and that means I can finally take that enticing break on my suffocating 5 year lease on the unit. I feel there are greener pastures ahead when I move to my new home with Bead Pop (formerly bead crazy) on 19-21 St Andrew Street. Firstly its much better financially as I don't have profit crushing rent and rates to pay. Secondly its a street location with my own door and window with many a people tootling past by foot, car and bus. Well that's the theory anyway, I suppose I wont know until I am firmly in place.

Our current location was taken on with rose-tinted goggles I feel, I was so desperate to get into somewhere before christmas I rushed this transaction slightly and justified it to myself. I knew the footfall in the Galleria was pitiful but i goaded myself into thinking "oh passers-by wont paint plates on a whim" if I ramp up the external marketing people will come to me as its a "destination" but oh ho how wrong was I. I underestimated how much I needed people walking past just to see me and become curious. Even if they didn't paint that very day at least they would know my existence and that has been my major downfall.

But onwards and upwards and I am very excited about my new move so if i do become a hermit in the next month or so you shall know why!


  1. Good luck Janet...I am definitely going to try and make a bit of an effort to come and do some're right I do need a break and I do need to do something for myself!!
    Kirsti xxx

  2. yea you do!!! crafty me time!! i'll look forward to seeing you in the new shop!