Tuesday, 22 January 2013

knitting challenge - the finale

soooooo it appears I'm a month past my target of Christmas day to finish my self-inflicted knitting challenge - whoopsies. but there were times when i got a little fed up of toting my bag o scraps about so i may have digressed and knitted two hats along the way. Since October I have made mini-hats, mini-stockings, christmas puds, reindeers, EDF energy dancing peanuts, a tea cosy, chicken and duck egg cozies,  and lots and lots of mini-hearts and mini-stars. I feel mini is theme here!

You have already seen the stockings, puds and reindeers so now its time to show you the crochet minis and other cuties i made.

crocheted mini-hearts, I think these will be getting sold in the studio as embellishments for card-making. You can find out how here

Crocheted stars - Also will be sold in the studio, great for garlands. You can find the pattern here

The crochet mini hearts and stars are amazing, I can work them up in 2 minutes, uses up the smallest of balls. I think I will be making loads and loads of these to put into the etsy shop and studio to sell as embellishments or cute things to make into garlands.

EDF energy dancing peanuts - still need to add their eyes. The pattern is my own.

chicks and ducks, still to be completed so watch this space in time for easter! You can find a pattern for them here

How much of the bag is left?? only two wee balls, one hairy blue stuff I haven't decided what i can feasibly do with yet. and one wee ball of red which will become the frilly head bits on my chicks. so proud of myself!! Now i finally get to knit some fun stuff just for me now, have just started on a hat in the round which is coming along nicely.

Its amazing that one £1 bag from the carbooter has resulted in so many makes!!

only two wee balls left!! YAY!!


  1. Hey Janet! :)
    It's Emma, from your beginners crochet class in November.
    Love the blog. Those little hearts are so addictive, i've been making loads out of my spare bits of wool. So cute!!
    I have some photos on my blog of a couple of the things I have worked on, all down to your great teaching!
    Hope you are well, and see you next week for the sewing machine applique class!


    1. hi emma, thanks for reading and sharing your one! your cushions look great - so sweet and nice colour combos. i get quite obssessed with creating nice colours for the squares! will share your acheivables on FB!