Wednesday, 3 April 2013

chirpy cheep cheep - its springtime!!

This week it finally feels like spring may be peeking its head around the corner after record levels of coldness and flurries of snow last week. It really felt strange to be putting together a spring window while getting pelted with hailstones each time I went outside to check it. Well after months of prep the window was finally put together - do we like??

the window in full glory, i realise there is actually lots to look at in this window and punters probably need to come up close to appreciate it.... some feedback for myself for next time

crocheted daffys, pattern courtesy of lucy from Attic24

crocheted daffodils and vintage needles make a lovely display and ain't that needle-felted bunny just the sweetest?

crocheted chickens and hens on a knitted loop stitch panel. 

my favourite piece - the crocheted springtime garland.

hoooked yarn.

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