Monday, 8 April 2013

hello Hoooked...

Part of our new years resolution for the shop was to possibly start selling supplies. This came about after a wee poke in the right direction from my neighbours at Bead Pop alongside a major light bulb moment during one of my classes, i noticed i kept sending folks over to John Lewis to get this needle or that wool and I thought - why am i doing this?? shouldn't I be profiting from this instead of a big multinational?? Don't get me wrong I love John Lewis but an extra pound in my pocket shouldn't harm their bottom line too much.

So I did some detective work over christmas, in particular I was looking for Hoooked zpagetti. This was introduced to me by Babs of Rocking Stitch. This lovely lady hails from Holland and attended one of my crochet classes to initiate herself into the Aberdeen craft scene whilst meeting some new buddies at the same time. She was kind enough to bring back this yarn after her holidays and I have to say i was hooked (literally). So in my christmas eating haze I found the supplier after much sleuthing and quickly registered to become a stockist and hoooked has finally landed and it has been a super success! It is a fab yarn as its lovely and chunky and to add to your green credentials it is a by-product of the textile industry so each cone could be a slightly different shade and fabric so it makes it all the more exciting. Only drawback being the troublesome knots you inevitably get but I suppose with it being a recycled product it would be hard to find great big bits to make into the yarn. but the knots are easily hidden inside so its really no biggie.

I have been busy making doily mats (which has been turned into a intermediate crochet class) and a knitted cushion. As the yarn is quite heavy it is quite hard-going on the ol hands but it is sturdy and i reckon it would make fabulous bags and baskets which is my next project .... after the millions of other projects i have planned.

hoooked doily mat

intermediate class making hoooked doily mats


  1. Hey Janet!
    I was wondering if you have a link to the pattern you used for this mat. It's adorable, and would love to give it a try with my new goodies!
    It was lovely seeing you today :)
    Emma xx

  2. hey emma, sorry just noticed your comment now, can i pm it to your facebook?