Thursday, 4 July 2013

no.9 you're mine!!

i just went out and got myself a brand new house!! well not a completely new house but new to me. a lovely 60s build complete with retro panelled doors, retro kitchen with a PANTRY!!! 80s fireplace and of course lovely lovely furry carpets, bad wallpaper and gaudy curtains. A 70s time capsule but  i love it! even the 90s pine panelled feature wall. see what you think ...


It was not an easy journey, getting on the property ladder is haaaaard, not least we live in Aberdeen, with its oil rich inhabitants bumping up the prices and banks making it more and more difficult. Tactically we started looking in the winter months in the hope that there are less buyers about, which means less competition, what with christmas looming and everyone being a bit skint. So we found our first property in Dyce, an ex-council 2 and half bedroom (i say half as it fitted little more than a sofa bed) with a garage. not bad, ticks all the boxes and probably wont find better with our budget. Put in an offer and it was accepted straightaway, yus. Will be moved by easter we think, but complications with entry dates meant that the seller pulled out :( annoying but we felt confident that something else would come up and come easter time loads more would be out on the market. But hardly any came up in the following months, by april time we were more than getting a little desparate, time on the mortgage in principle was running out and i was getting rather impatient. a few other good contenders came up but no sooner had we viewed, registered our notes of interest than somebody pulled the rug under our feet and we lost out again. One was on and off the market within 4 days, before we even had a chance to look! Another had woodworm in the home report and being thorough we had decided to get a timber report done, on the day the report was due we were told it was gone!! the other buyers didnt even bother to get a timber report, well lets hope its infested with worms!! oh dear but thats not very good sportsmanship, shhh i didnt say it.

When we lost the last one, i was losing hope, the competition was too much, it was looking pretty bleak and I was seriously considering some of our 5th, 6ths and 7th choices. But that weekend it was by chance I found THE ONE. Straightway i knew there was potential so this time i knew we had to be quick off the mark. Viewed it on Sunday and i knew i wanted it and i wanted it bad. The garden was amazing with a greenhouse and garage and sun all day, the kitchen was met with squeals of "OMG a PANTRY!!" and then the crowning glory - the floored loft. Perfect office space tucked away from the living space. No way was I able to keep the advised poker face for this viewing, my excitement was bubbling over. Lucky for me that I expressed such an interest as this was what got us the house in the end, we weren't the best offer on the table by far but our enthusiasm for the property certainly helped. The sellers had been the in house for the past 40 years and they really wanted it to be loved like it was loved by their family and not stripped back and sold on for a profit by a developer so we were so so so lucky. And im so happy to be here and so grateful to the sellers for choosing us. Im sure this will be a much loved home and me and mitchell are going to be so happy here. BBQs and hotpot parties all round!!

work in progess

whoo hoo done!! (except for the cables but thats another day)


  1. Aaw so glad you found a home that is perfect for you both... Good luck..

    Kirsti xx

    1. thanks kirsty, i love it so much and i cant wait to decorate with vintage and craft!