Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Vintage Bus Open Day

Vroom vroom, last week we had a fun day out at the First Bus open day, the sun was shining and First Bus put on a good show with vintage buses, planes trains and automobiles and we had the privilege of being asked to showcase our vintage.

Despite supposedly "working" I did take advantage of being there to have a wee lookie about. There was a bright shiny vintage fire engine, complete with men dressed up in shiny gold hats and axes - all props of course. They also had a nimrod plane specially transported in, now im not a plane geek but Mitchell got a bit excited so must be special. The vintage buses were the best l, I loved all the different varieties and the differences between them for different towns. My favourite was the vintage mini double decker, it was the same size as me!! either that or ive grown alot! For £2 you could have a wee zoom around the track and the driver told me how he had customised it from an old mini!! amazing. A tiny bit gutted I didn't get a chance to have a go on the bus wash or the tiny steam train - ah well, next time. here's hoping they do this event again next year although this was the first one in like a gadzillion years. They haven't done one since they refurbished the King street depot a few years ago.



Me eating my greens and growing to the same height as a double decker!

Although not strictly my target market for vintage with alot of families and children in attendance, I did alright in the end and First had done well drawing in the crowds - some 7000 folks were there so that was great exposure for the business. lets hope they all pay me a visit afterwards!!

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